June, 2002

There are lots of pictures here, but I have broken them
up into many pages, so even people with slow connections
should be able to use them. Each of the links below leads
to a page of thumbnails, which should load very quickly;
clicking on a thumbnail gets you a somewhat bigger picture –
none of them larger than 480 pixels in the longest dimension.

Of course I considered doing a more elaborate presentation,
with more complete annotations, but I concluded that quick
was much better.

Pictures of Me

The Front of 315 Lincoln St

The Living Room (in which I work)
and Library (in which I sleep)

The Kitchen, Bathroom & Patio

The Rest of the Lincoln Court

In Praise of Older Women

Various Pretentious Pictures

A special word of thanks to Joan Keyes & Jon Peck,
who lent me the digital camera