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  Data is everywhere; information is harder to find. This is a selective list, entirely of English-language publications, based on the email newsletters I subscribe to and the bookmarks I have chosen to keep. Most are American but many are British, not only because I was raised there but because there is more public debate on genetic issues there than in the US.

I have also written a short review of some of the issues involved in chasing down news on the web and elsewhere.


News Reviews

Government Sites

Those Concerned about Human Genetic Engineering

Those in Favor of Human Genetic Engineering


Mainstream Media

Search Engines




Techno-Eugenics Email Newsletter
Highly recommended free summary of developments, from a perspective opposing human germline engineering and cloning and supporting accountable social control of other genetic and reproductive technologies, approximately once a month; California-based but includes news from all over. To subscribe email

Free weekly news digest with some commentary, based in England; published by the Progress Educational Trust, which exists to promote genetic technologies. Level-headed and willing to mention criticism, though liable to criticize the critics. To subscribe go to their website.

BioDemocracy News
Off-topic since it's about food (strongly anti-GE), but worth seeing; published about every six weeks by the Organic Consumers Association.


News Reviews

Yahoo! News Full Coverage-Biotechnology and Genetics
Most of the major portals have some kind of subject-based group system but Yahoo!'s are my favorite by far. They include not just news but editorial opinion and magazine articles, and keep them available – last I checked there were 12 pages of news stories in this section (50 per page), going back 18 months, and the articles and opinion pieces are well selected. No, I don't own stock and I'm not even a registered user.

Yahoo! also has similar sections on Cloning, Gene Therapy, Stem Cell Research, and Genetically Modified Food, among others, and they are fairly well cross-linked.

If you seriously want to search through news over the last few years, and you are rich enough or have access through a subscribing company (some, but not all, university libraries provide it), you cannot beat Lexis-Nexis, which has a searchable database covering thousands of periodicals, including major newspapers from around the world. More details are in the review, which also considers alternatives such as EBSCO.


Government Sites

National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)
I have to admit I don't go there much ...

Human Genetics Commission (HGC)
The British equivalent

The Wellcome Trust
Strictly speaking not official, but it spends about a billion dollars a year and is essential to the British research industry.


Those Concerned About
Human Genetic Engineering

The Campaign Against Human Genetic Engineering
A British group whose name says it all

The Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG)
Long-standing, distinguished organization based in Cambridge, MA; publishes a bi-monthly print magazine called Genewatch, not to be confused with the UK GeneWatch (see below)

The Foundation on Economic Trends
Jeremy Rifkin’s group; enough said, I hope – if not, read his books, such as The Biotech Century.

The International Center for Technology Assessment
Andrew Kimbell's group, presently focusing on GE Foods, but the author of The Human Body Shop remains close to this issue.

The Turning Point Project
A coalition headed by the likes of Andy Kimbrell and Jerry Mander, producing educational advertisements on a wide variety of generally related subjects

GeneWatch UK
Not connected with CRG, and mostly focused on crops on which it provides excellent data

The Corner House
In-depth essays from an activist point of view, UK-based

Bioengineering Action Network
Considers Earth First! a bit soft; useful message-essay board

UK anti-abortion group with strong views on cloning

Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers
Dr Ron Epstein, a Buddhist philosophy lecturer at San Francisco State has written, collected or linked to many interesting articles.

Campaign for Responsible Transplantation
Against xenotransplantation


Those in Favor of
Human Genetic Engineering

UCLA Program on Medicine, Technology and Society
Gregory Stock’s group, home of the 1998 Symposium on Engineering the Human Germline

Embracing Change with All Four Arms
A Post-Humanist Defense of Genetic Engineering
a long, intelligent essay in which Dr James Hughes explicitly disavows the anarcho-libertarian extremists in favor of social democracy but tends to assume what he is trying to prove – he criticises "Bio-Luddites" for their "fundamentalist convictions" but never really addresses his own, contrary, fundamental assumptions.

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Home of a Report widely described as critical of germline engineering but in fact supportive of it, if regulated; it appears to be an attempt to pre-empt criticism.

Nature Genome Information Centre
Most of the Nature site is for subscribers only, but this section is free and includes the magazine’s stories on genome isses.

Human Cloning Foundation
Features Mark Eibert, a California lawyer who is threatening to sue to overturn the California ban on cloning as unconstitutional

Reason Magazine
Generally unreasonable

Extropy Institute
They boast of what ought to shame them; extreme libertariarians of the "I wanna so I gotta right" school, who may seem intelligent till you notice their opposition to "forcible taxation" and the FDA and ...



A substantial and award-winning site, produced by the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of the redoubtable Glenn McGee, and integrated with the web as a whole to seem much larger than it is, especially for news; includes a lot more than Human Genetic Engineering

Genetics & Ethics
University of British Columbia; includes comprehensive lists of people and places and links to many articles

Eubios Ethics Institute
Japan-based, anti–human cloning, pro–GM food with regulation and labeling


Mainstream Media

The New York Times
requires free registration and charges for the archives, as many do

The Washington Post
includes Special Reports on cloning and ethical issues, including germline engineering; otherwise charges for archives

Los Angeles Times
charges for archives

San Francisco Chronicle
does NOT charge for archives, which go back to 1995

Chicago Tribune
charges for archives

Guardian Unlimited
UK, generally liberal; special report on the ethics of genetics

Electronic Telegraph
UK, conservative paper with excellent website

The Independent
UK, liberal paper with lousy website

The Times [London]
UK, conservative, has lost its cachet since being Murdochized though it still has the occasional good writer

huge site, needs fast access, well worth searching

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Genome Site
web feature with good links, not to be confused with the US network

Wired Med-Tech Center
Wired Magazine got a lot of deserved publicity for Bill Joy's article Why the future doesn't need us, and they also have a large archive of often interesting pieces on medical technology.


Search Engines

lets you search many papers simultaneously

Possibly worth checking daily; I haven't been using it but it gathers news from over 1500 sources by subject.

News Index
keyword searches only

Search Engine Watch
with links to them all; search about searches!



Genesweep 2000-2003
The sweepstakes on the number of human genes

The Center for the Study of Technology and Society
I'm not sure what this is, but it contains a lot of links to news articles.

Americans for Cloning Elvis
The best argument yet for human cloning; unfortunately the petition has been suspended because too many people wanted to sign.

The Second Coming Project
Some may say this one trumps Elvis ...