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We need a new anthem, Christina, he said,
A song that will fill us with pride
A clarion call for Jericho's walls
To shatter and crumble aside
A song that will rouse an army of thousands
To mass and to march on the street
Till governments hear us and learn they should fear us
And throw up their hands in defeat

That's their drum, she replied
Saying, listen to me
But I prefer

We need a new leader, Christina
The ones that we had are yesterday's news
We need a new choice, we need a new voice
One that is not going to lose
We need someone who knows just how to oppose
This techno-marvellous mess
Somebody real, but with media-appeal
Someone to bring us success

The tools that you use
Describe who you are
Why put your faith
In stars

We need a new banner, Christina
A symbol to stand for a better tomorrow
A flag we can show so that people will know
Which side we have chosen to follow
An organization instead of a nation
With a logo and slogan to chant
So we can unite and fight for our rights
And demand that we get what we want

These things you want to borrow
Are part of their game
Play that way
Lose again
If we've become
They won