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O Captain! my Captain! can what I read be true?
The way you heard the redwood trees as if they spoke to you
In welcome for the logger's saw, in welcome for the end
In welcome to their brother as a killer and a friend
Abraham! O Abraham!
Listen to my song
If I understand the word you heard
You understood it wrong

O Captain! my Captain! if you could see us now
The way that California is crushed and broken down
You'd mourn the last few redwoods in their ornamental groves
And weep for thirty million people wasting what you loved
Isaac! my Isaac!
This time your death appeared
But when your father built the altar
It was Satan's voice he heard

My Captain does not answer, his time has been and gone
He only ever hoped to show his own heart in his song
The Captain paused to say his prayer for what the world has lost
How could his joyful energy have reckoned what it cost?
Rejoice for Progress! Ring the bells!
Hear what the Captain said!
But he was wrong about the beautiful trees
Fallen cold and dead