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I thought by now I knew all the ways a love could end
But no, there's always something new
She froze herself to living death
The pain of being told to go away
Is doubled by the guilt of leaving her this way

When I said I'd love you in sickness or health
I didn't just mean mine

I see so clearly through the ice
I see the train-wreck coming
In a reality I cannot touch
Where I can only stare
Or turn away

I hurt therefore I am
You will

I do not want to hate
Not you
Not what you've done
Not what you've made me do
I hope for the strength to avoid it
In the face of the way you hate

Sometimes they leave for love
Sometimes they're feeling bored
Some women say I'm distant
Some that I'm too close
Sometimes it's me that runs
Away or to or from
The only thing these endings
Have in common
Is pain

But she's known you for years
Yes, but not herself

You can't succeed within a relationship
Unless you can succeed without one

How ugly to realize
When I picture you healing
That I'd rather you were sick
When you sent me away

I know she will be happy again
She doesn't believe it
Or care

I will be happy
How do I know?
I hurt