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There are thoughts you can only see sideways if at all
Sneak up on them
Hunt them with mirrors like a gorgon

Ideas too true to tell

Contradictions so sweet they can only balance each other
Both real or neither

Nothing I say is true
Either (a) the statement is true, in which case it is false
(isn't this fun?)
Or (b) the statement is false, in which case
some other statement is true and this one is false
Is there a way out of this?
Try: (c) the word 'true' is ambiguous
(and used differently)
Die, chotomy!
True isn't simply true
(not all the time)
sometimes it's hard and sharp as a theoretical set
sometimes it's blurry and fuzzy and refers to
some kind of reality behind reality
the way a fiction can be, well, true if it evokes the right ...
Forget true, true is kinda mushy
how about 'complete'?
Nothing I say is complete
Either (a) ... false; or (b) ... false; or ...
Isn't complete complete?
Step up to the plate, process
Logic is logic and reality is reality and do the two
always coincide?
Not in my universe they don't

(Is this a poem? Define, please)

The set of sets is the set to set aside