Airport City

Airport City is a long white line
It freezes the nose and it numbs the mind
It has nothing to say but it keeps on saying it all the time

Airport City is hyperspace
With nothing but links in its interface
For it has no time and it never has a sense of place

Airport City is a mutant mould
Infecting the planet and out of control
And it grows itself forever so it never grows old

Airport City's a consumer hell
Where nothing is allowed that it cannot sell
And even the workers aren't people but units of personnel

Airport City is a classic con
A vision of plastic where no one belongs
It can promise you the moon 'cause tomorrow you're gone

Airport City will lose your soul
But deliver your body to the baggage hall
And throw you in a car like a zombie on parole

Airport City is the world ahead
Where nothing important is ever said
And everything that makes us human is already safely dead