Most of these poems were written in the last year and have not been published before. Om Mane Padme Hum was written in March 1995 and published in Envoi in Summer 1996. The eulogy For Bert Le Noury was published in GAP (the Guernsey Attic Press) in 1996.

This electronic chapbook was put together with all the usual tools, notably Microsoft Word, Adobe PageMill, PhotoShop and Graphic Converter; the Acrobat version also used, um, Acrobat. I'd also like to put in a plug for the American Heritage Dictionary (Deluxe Edition) from Houghton Mifflin by way of WordStar International, just because I think it is a great piece of software and I use it all the time. Thanks to Gayle Kidder for giving me an autographed copy of HTML Publishing for Netscape, by Stuart Harris & Gayle Kidder (Netscape Press, 1996), which helped smooth the learning curve.

The heads are in Dom Casual, the text is out of my control and the footer type is Stone Sans; the little blue character is a Minion Ornament. The sad/happy masks I drew myself, but you guessed that, surely.

Thanks always to Dominique for her unfailing encouragement.

PES, June 1997