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with apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II
and the nonviolent but vocal cast
and crew of Mouth Pacific

There is nothin' like a prime
Nothin' in the world
Here's a chapter you can rhyme
And it's only because it's prime.

Lots of numbers in math are perfect but brother
There's this one special flavor that is nothing whatsoever in any way shape or form like any other

With Blackie on her left side
And Whitey on her right
Barb knew she had a safe ride
Past every lech in sight

It's a waste of time to worry
Over things this chapter's got
Be thankful for
The things it's not

There's no factors in this prime
And no new actors in this prime
There's no dividing in this prime
Or combining in this prime
There's no mystery in this prime
Or even history in this prime

There ain't a thing that's wrong with the chapter here
That can't be cured by ...

Washin' this verse right outa your hair.