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with apologies to Zeno and
the Paradoxes, and to Ogden Nash,
but under no circumstances to John Denver

Annie's not her real name
(Well, maybe in the novel)
But who-is-who's the Roman game
So if you want the clef, don't grovel,
Just peek behind the title
Page at the benediction,
Yet keep in mind the vital
Truth below – it's fiction.
If she were really based on them
Would I have had to claim the
Prosaic license, taken when
I published a disclaimer?
Illusion is the field you plow
When you pick up a pen;
Do you think I'm lying now?
Or was I truly lying then?

[To make the moral even cuter:
The author didn't wield a pen,
Nor pencil, Dictaphone or pad.
Knowing that he started bad,
And needed to rewrite again
(& again & again & again),
He typed on a computer.]