Human Genetic Engineering

A Guide for Activists, Skeptics, and the Very Perplexed

by Pete Shanks

is published by Nation Books.

More information and samples are below.

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ISBN: 1-56025-695-8
8.2" x 5.5" x 0.9"
327 pages

If the book's not in your local bookstore, ask them to order it!
Independents, chains, on-line services — they should all have it.

Nation Books is a co-publishing venture of the Nation Institute and Avalon Publishing Group Incorporated.


On this site, you will find, for each Chapter:
  • a list of the Section Titles and Text Boxes
  • all or part of the chapter's Introduction
  • the annotated FURTHER READING list, which includes
  • links to Free Documents from the Web and
  • (where relevant) a short list of recommended Books

There are many more resources in the Appendix.




Some of my older writings on the subject have previously been posted, and remain available here. The essays are definitely still relevant, though some of the links may not be.

More material, some in the form of downloadable pdf-format flyers, will be posted shortly.